Thermometer Thermolight

The smart thermometer that changes colour with the temperature!


  • Display of the air temperature and the bathwater temperature
  • Changes colour depending on the temperature
  • On/off button for a longer life

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20-30 €

Product description

Thermolight is a thermometer that allows you to check the temperature of baby’s bathwater easily. Its clever design also displays the air temperature thanks to its digital screen.

Thermometer Thermolight Babymoov

It’s smart and changes colour depending on the temperature (blue, green or red) to tell you at a glance when the temperature of baby’s bath is just right.

Thermometer Thermolight Babymoov

And for longer life, the Thermolight has an on/off button so you only use it when you need to!

Technical data

AlimentationFonctionne avec une pile AA non fournie

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