Swoon Up carry bag for baby : babycare material and equipment, Babymoov

Swoon Up carry bag

To carry your baby bouncer around safely!


  • To protect your bouncer
  • Specially suited to the Swoon Up Bouncer
  • Large handles to take it with you easily

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Product description

Babymoov’s Swoon Up Bouncer folds up compactly so you can tidy it away and take it with you wherever you go.

To protect it, opt for this carry bag specially suited to the Swoon Up Bouncer.

Bouncer Swoon Up carry bag

Its large handles will allow you to take it with you easily. Whether at friends or family or during the holidays, baby will be on familiar ground and feel reassured and calm.

What’s more, this cover will allow you to keep your bouncer dry and dust-free if you store it in your garage or cellar when not in use, for example before a next baby.

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