• 5 functions, from birth
  • Steams, blends and defrosts
  • Sterilises and warms baby bottles and jars
  • Preserve nutrients
  • Biggest capacity on the market!

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Label Parents Baby Innovation Award Todo Papas Best time Saving product Best Household Appliance Best Kitchen Appliance Best Weaning Product Mother & Baby Innovation Award 2014 Bronze

Product description

Nutribaby makes homemade's baby food very easily! This food processor will steam cook meals, puree.

  • 100% automatic: just set him off and nutribaby is doing the job!

  • 5 functions, right from birth: warms baby bottles, and jars, sterilises, steams, defrosts, blends

  • Bottle warming and sterilising: up to 3 bottles at a time

  • Nutribaby Babymoov

  • To-the-minute adjustable cycle duration: no more need to calculate the water quantity to put into the tank!

  • 2 baskets to separate the food groups, and thus preserve nutrients and taste

  • Removable tray to adjust the cooking capacity

  • LCD screen to easily manage all the different  functions

  • Chopping thanks to a button on the top of the bowl: possibility to open the cover during chopping to add liquid to adjust the texture, or any other ingredient to create an original recipe

  • Sound and visual alarms

  • Automatic switch off

  • Memorization of the last cooking time

BPA free

>> Visit our blog "Cooking Baby Food" for recipes and advices for baby weaning <<

Cooking Baby Food Nutribaby Babymoov

Technical data

MaterialBPA free, SAN (mixing bowl), Tritan (cooking baskets) 

Dimension39x29x20 cm (appliance), 31x24x20 cm (cooking unit), 30x23x20 cm (blending unit)

Power230 V / 500 W (warm phase), 230 v / 400 W (blend phase)

ColorsTaupe/Almond green, Cherry, Cream


Product help


Steam cooking or sterilization stops after about a minute.

Have you de-scaled the tank with white vinegar? We recommend de-scaling roughly once a week or every 5 heating cycles. To de-scale, mix 100 ml white vinegar with 100 ml warm water and leave to take effect for several hours with the appliance unplugged. Empty out the solution and rinse the appliance with a damp cloth. Repeat the operation  if necessary.

Where do I put the water for steam cooking?

You put the water in the bottom of the tank and not in the cooking juice container.

What is the maximum size of bottle that can be sterilized in Nutribaby?

In Nutribaby, you can sterilize bottles with a maximum height of 18 cm.

What speed does Nutribaby blend at?

19000 revs per min. (to within about 20 revs)

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