Style Bag Style Bag
  • Handbag or shoulder bag
  • Large opening
  • Many colors and accessories
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Swoon Up carry bag Swoon Up carry bag
  • To protect your bouncer
  • Specially suited to the Swoon Up Bouncer
  • Large handles to take it with you easily
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Bubble Swing Bubble Swing
  • Swing: 5 speeds
  • Reclining: 2 positions
  • 5 point harness
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Personal Care Kit Personal Care Kit
  • 9 basic accessories for everyday use
  • Strap for carrying or hanging it up
  • Various elastic straps and pocket
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Thermometer Thermolight Thermometer Thermolight
  • Display of the air temperature and the bathwater temperature
  • Changes colour depending on the temperature
  • On/off button for a longer life
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Aquaseat bath seat Aquaseat bath seat
  • Wide openings to put baby in easily
  • Gentle curves for optimum freedom of movement
  • Seat and crotch straps in soft silicone for maximum comfort.
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Trendy Bag Trendy Bag
  • Large opening
  • Large size
  • #ItBag
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Urban Bag Urban Bag
  • Everyday bag
  • Trendy and light
  • 2 colors
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Sleep Belt for pregnancy Sleep Belt for pregnancy
  • Optimum comfort and relaxed nights
  • Adjustable
  • Co-created with midwives
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Glitter Bag Glitter Bag
  • Compact size: every-day use
  • Elegant and handy
  • Many colors and accessories
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Traveller Bag Traveller Bag
  • XXL Format: Maternity and travel bag
  • Easy-to-access organiser
  • Many colors and accessories
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Essential Bag Essential Bag
  • Large opening and format
  • Side reinforcements
  • Many colors and accessories
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