Microwave Sterilizer

Double functions: Sterilisation (microwave or cold) & baby bottles dryer!


  • Sterilizer and bottle drier
  • Universal
  • Up to 6 bottles and accessories

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20-30 €


Made in France

Product description

If you're looking for a simple and super-quick method of sterilizing bottles and accessories, choose the microwave sterilizer:

  • fast: 4 to 9 mins to sterilize up to 6 bottles and accessories (depending on microwave power)

  • practical: equipped with a clip retaining system, adapts to all bottles

Another advantage of the microwave sterilizer is its dual function as a sterilizer and bottle-drier. It is suitable for all types of microwave (except 18 L).

Technical data


Dimension28x26x17 cm

UseAdapted to every every microwave (excepted 18L)

Product help


Do I have to close the lid when sterilizing bottles?

Yes, you have to close the lid for sterilization.

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