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Lovenest +

The ergonomical and patended head rest for a well-rounded head!


  • Created and patented by a French pediatrician
  • Fits with any bed, bouncer, carrycots and pushchairs
  • Can be used in the maternity hospital

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Patent Pending

Product description

Câle-tête Lovenest Babymoov



Created and patented by a french and well-known paediatrician, the Lovenest is the original ergonomic headrest: its special inclination and shapre guarantee pressure is distributed over the child's skull.

Everything does not press on the back of his head, thereby allowing baby to keep a nice round head without distrurbing his comfort and movements during his sleeping.

This ergonomic head support is very comfortable thanks to its specific heart-shape

Fits with any bed, travel cot, baby rockers, and pushchairs

Can be used from birth

Technical data

Dimensions24 x 22,5 x 4cm

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