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Playing is a party

New baby's toys range by Babymoov !


  • 100 % laughter
  • 100 % pleasure
  • 100 % happiness

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Product description

Because play times with baby are rare, let’s enjoy them thoroughly without any complex! Babymoov reinvents 1st age toys with its new concept: Playing is a party!

Take the time to play:

★ 100% of parents adore playing with baby. However, the demands of daily life often make it difficult to give oneself quality moments for playing and time with baby, and some parents sometimes wonder how they can…

★ 50% of parents think playing oughtsystematically to be educational,

★ 26% of parents declare they are toostressed to play with their children,

★ 45% of parents wish they had enoughtime to play with their children,

★ 13 minutes is the time men working fulltime spend each day looking after their children.

That’s why Babymoov launches early learning partying so that every minute spent playing with baby is fun and without complexes.


Stimulate baby YES but play comes first!

What baby likes:

  • Simple functions,

  • Music,

  • Great classics - surprise, chewing, watching the cat go by meowing…

  • Feeling protected.

So Babymoov has chosen to launch a range that gives baby what he likes by capitalising on what he really likes. Obviously our toys are also designed for his capacities and needs in development and early learning terms.


100% laughter toys,100% pleasure moments with no stress.

Our toys have been integrally designed and imagined by our designers to reflect our concept:

  • 5 party characters – funny and off-beat,

  • Modern colours and prints,

  • Simple functions – easy to grasp at a glance and suitable for stimulating baby and communicating,

  • Toys inspired by baby’s favourite games (knocking, starting music, biting, discovering…),

  • Toys allowing a real exchange - an interactivity,

  • Electronic toys gentle through and through, all include textile,

  • Funny sounds and enthralling tunes because it’s a main party ingredient!

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