Bebedelice for baby : babycare material and equipment, Babymoov


The multi-function food-processor that prepares your baby's meals from birth!


  • 5 functions
  • Steamer
  • Chopper
  • Defrosts, warms and sterilizes
  • Cooking juice container

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80-100 €

Product description

Do you want to become the champion of the super-quick bottle or of vitamin and energy-packed purées...? Then the Bébélice was made for you! It:

  • warms bottles and small jars,

  • sterilizes bottles,

  • steams fresh food without losing its vitamin content,

  • blends,

  • defrosts and preserves. 

What is more, it's easy to use with its 2 control buttons. This practical device stops automatically and alerts you via its 2 alarms (visual and sound). It also has a graduated measuring cup and a set of tongs.

Power: 200 W (blending function), 800 W (heating function).

Technical data



AccessoriesMeasuring cup and sterile tong, Additional chopping bowl cover

Power supply230V/200W (chopper),230V/800W (steamer)



Product help


Steam cooking or sterilization stops after about a minute.

Have you de-scaled the tank with white vinegar? We recommend de-scaling roughly once a week or every 5 heating cycles. To de-scale, mix 100 ml white vinegar with 100 ml warm water and leave to take effect for several hours with the appliance unplugged. Empty out the solution and rinse the appliance with a damp cloth. Repeat the operation  if necessary.

What quantity can the mixing bowl and cooking basket hold?

Cooking basket holds: 300 ml and Mixing bowl holds: 400 ml

Where do I put the water for steam cooking?

You put the water in the bottom of the tank and not in the cooking juice container.

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