Babycamera 0% Emission-Receiver for baby : babycare material and equipment, Babymoov

Babycamera 0% Emission-Receiver

Keep an eye on your child at all times!


  • Receiver already equipped with the app
  • Touch screen
  • Digital quality sound and image

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80-100 €


N°1 Babyphones

Product description

Global innovation

Always committed to limiting children’s exposure to electromagnetic wves, the Babymoov teams have created the first Babyphone with 0 ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE EMISSIONS!

A revolutionary technology that ensures the total absence of electromagnetic waves in the child’s environment. Babymoov is the very first brand to meet the challenge of carrying both audio and video data while protecting Baby’s health.

A dedicated receiver

For all parents who don't want to use their smartphone or tablet as a receiver, you can opt for this receiver, already equipped with the 0 emissions Babymoov app. It has a touch screen and will offer a digital quality sound and image.

Technical data

Dimension13 x 9,2 x 1 cm

Power supplyRechargeable battery (adaptor supplied)

Power19 mW

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Parents - tell us what you think

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